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A tour to Green Grotto Cave will give you an awesome journey into the very heart of Jamaica’s “inner world”. It is located in North coast of Jamaica. These caves are linked to the Island’s history. This area is the main point of attraction for the tourists as well as local visitors who love adventure.
During the journey of this fascinating tour, stop at the “wishing well” and throw a coin for love, for luck and all your heart desires.

White river rafting is an outdoor activity in which inflatable rafts are used to navigate a river. This become famous since 1950s as a holiday sport. It is considered as an extreme sport on the certain section of river and can be fatal on the other sections that are no so difficult. It is also a competitive sport that is practiced around the world for World Rafting Championship event between participating nations.

Tour Highlights

  • Adventures Ocho Rios tour to Green Grotto Caves.
  • Explore the limestone Green Grotto Caves, which served as a hiding place for rum during World War II.
  • See natural cave features like stalagmites, stalactites and a subterranean lake.

Important Information

  • Confirmation will be sent after 48 hours of booking with minimum tour requirement.
  • Travel time is not included to tour duration.
  • Tours are weather authorizing.
  • Weight & Age conditions may apply.
  • Smoking in cave is not allowed.
  • Persons touring the caves must be accompanied by a tour guide
  • Pets are not allowed on tour.

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Activity Information

Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : Approximately 2-4 Hours
Duration : Appoximatly 1 hr 40 min ride each way (From Montego Bay)
Maximum number of people : Unlimited
Venue Facilities : Grotto Caves

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